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Where your next collection starts

A platform for jewelry designers to prepare their new collection for production.

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The ultimate SKU generator. Set it up to your standard once, save the time from that point on.

With Partsee creating your SKUs to your standards is just a matter of seconds. The system learns your conventions and generates all SKUs for your new products automatically. No more Excel spreadsheets that take hours to create and even longer to maintain.

From the start of your collection all the way to the management of your production, Partsee is here with you. It keeps tracks of your prices, your documents and notes and it keeps your entire team on the same page.

Working Space

Partsee works with the tools you use. It adapts to your workflow.

Partsee integrates with Shopify to keep your collection in sync on all platforms. Avoid the hassle of keeping all your products' information up to date by hand.
Update a product in Partsee, sync it everywhere.


More integrations are coming soon. Chat with us to learn more


Edit your collection

Create, edit and add notes to your collection. All products are securely saved and accessible across your team.


Generate variants

Generate all your variants in seconds. Change sizes, stones, metals, anything you want. Partsee creates the SKUs for you.


Sync products to Shopify

Add your Shopify account to keep all your products synced. Partsee will make sure your products information stay consistent.

Get exclusive access to the platform for you and your team